Thank you for being here!

My name is Maria and I am a wife, momma and lover of nature. I am a creative being who loves deeply, dreams constantly and has more pictures on her phone of her dogs than should be allowed. I created this space as a way to authentically connect with others and to provide YOU with the practices that have helped me heal from years of anxiety, burnout and perfectionism (okay, I am still a recovering perfectionist).

I am a yoga and mindful movement instructor who values stillness and rest as much as mobility and strength. I am fascinated by the human body and the effects our busy lives have on our mental and physical health. To me, healthcare is self-care. I aim to bring forward nourishing practices that will help connect you to your own unique needs and help you find the balance between effort and ease.

We are all going through this human experience and I am here to reassure you that you are okay, exactly where/how you are. There is nothing you need to fix or change about yourself—your own inherent wisdom is your guide. The tools I offer will help you turn down the volume on the external noises that are telling you “you’re not good enough” and hopefully allow you to slow down enough to hear your own inner wisdom. What is it that you need right now? How can we honor that together?

This website was born as a resource for those who are needing a little extra support in the form of mindfulness practices, weekly movement sessions and connection to others. Thank you for being here. Let’s get to know each other, one breath at a time.



Bachelor of Arts – Interpersonal Communications University of Washington, Seattle, WA (1999-2003)

200-HR Yoga Teacher Certification
Three Trees Yoga

Federal Way, WA (2013-2014)

Mindfulness Teacher Training
Mindfulness Northwest

Bellingham, WA, (2020-2021)

300-HR Yoga Teacher Certification
Heart and Bones Yoga

Vancouver, Canada (2020-2021)

I continue to be grateful to all my teachers and mentors for all their guidance and support through this journey. Every workshop, every webinar, every class—I bow in gratitude for your continued inspiration.


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